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Termites are not always easy to terminate. If the infestation has progressed beyond the limit, they may not respond to the typical treatments that your normal pest control services do. Speak to our staff immediately for a fast service all year round.


In order to fight off termites, we will first find out the extent of the damage, so we know how to treat your termite problem. Then, you will be updated on how exactly we are going to eliminate the termites. We assure the termites won’t come back after we do our job.

We offer same-day service:

• Subterranean termites

• Fumigation

• Tenting the house

• Localized injection right into the wood

• Spray under the surface of wood

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Place your trust in our fully licensed, insured, and bonded company.

Trust our quality workmanship

• Drilling and treating soil below

• Fungus

• Beetles

• Preventative services

Tri-Pacific Termite Co. has been serving commercial and residential customers for more than 41 years.

We guarantee all of our work for a minimum of two years.

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