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Comprehensive Termite Inspection

Our professionals will inspect your structure for indications of hollowed out, weakened wood. These are signs of termite tubes through which they reach wooden structural members. Every inch of wood will be scrutinized by our staff.


The infestation signals might be impossible to detect for inexperienced people. What makes it difficult is that the termites are always in places that are almost impossible to reach. We will check every inch of your building that comes in contact with the soil.

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• Condos ($65.00)

• Single Family Residence (FREE)

• In depth inspection

• Check for leaks and entry ways to home

• E-mail reports to agent or owner

• Reports come with inspection recommendations and cost

You can expect a fast turnaround time for termite inspection.

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During an inspection, we not only look for live evidence of termites, but also conditions that are conducive for infestation or infection. We also examine concrete floors and walls.


A leaky shower or toilet can create a moisture problem in the surrounding wood members, and create an environment for termite infection. Call Tri-Pacific Termite Co. of Montrose today.

We guarantee all of our work for a minimum of two years.

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