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Read the Facts About Termites

Dry-wood termites make their homes above the ground in wood that is of average temperature. They can fly in and start a colony in any piece of wood on your property. An indication of dry-wood termite attack is their straw-colored fecal pellets.


You can find dry-wood termites in attics, around subarea vents, and anywhere on the house exterior that allows the termite swarm to make direct contact with wood. Call the professionals at Tri-Pacific Termite Co. of Montrose to learn more about termite damage.

What you need to know about termites

  • Termites have existed for 250 million years, and thus are great survivors.

  • Termites are seen throughout the United States, but the warm southern and coastal areas are their favored places.

  • Though termites are a costly nuisance, in nature they do the vital function of breaking down dead plant material and return the nutrients back to the soil.

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Common symptoms of termite attack

One of the most common symptoms of dry-wood termite attack is the accumulation of tiny, straw-colored fecal pellets inside or beneath the infested furniture in your property.


These pellets are also pushed out through small openings of the infested wood made by the termites. Consistent accumulations of pellets are a sign that the termites are still active beneath the wood. Contact us for a same-day service.

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