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Dangerous Termite Damage

Termites build mud or shelter tubes to maintain high humidity while they eat the wood.

They rarely break through the surface of wood; instead hollow it out from inside. Their infestation is invisible to the human eye until something gives away.


It is vital to control and remove these termites immediately to keep your property safe. You can call our termite specialists to determine how far your infestation has progressed, and how best to deal with those termites. Call us today for a FREE estimate.

How we can help you

• Eliminate dry-wood termites

• Eliminate subterranean termites

• We can replace the wood for you

• We will do necessary repairs to damage from termites

You can expect Tri-Pacific Termite Co. of Montrose to give reasonable time expectation, and focus on customer satisfaction.

We have over 41 years of experience taking care of termite damage.

Dry-wood and subterranean termites

Dry-wood termites can fly in and start a colony in any piece of wood. It is common to find them in attics, around subarea vents, and anywhere on the house exterior.


Subterranean termites require high humidity at all times to survive. They build mud or shelter tubes to maintain high humidity while they feast on wood that is above ground.

We guarantee all of our work for a minimum of two years.

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